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TrustyCup Productions

TrustyCup Productions is a faith based organization. We support the education and career pipeline for youth and adults who are ready to explore the purpose  of  their lived experience. 

The meaning behind the name

Trustycup for me is the faith and love my Dad, and I shared. He called the cup he used every day his Trustycup. But, surprisingly, it was not until he passed in 2008 that the reflection of his old silver cup became a wonderful reminder of my Dad. Although I feel sad that my Dad is not here to share the challenges and the accomplishments, this old cup represents faithfulness, integrity, and who I am. He was my example.
As you get to know Trustycup as a faith-based organization, you'll understand what is the Trustycup in your life and how you can be the Trustycup to others.
In Memory of Lesso Sturkey

TCP Purpose

TCP is a faith-based organization. Our focus is to minister to the hearts of youth and adults, who face the challenges of living with inequities.  Our goal is to develop leadership skills grounded in spiritual values. 

TCP awakens spiritual values to ignite leadership potential

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How We Do This

On this spiritual journey of life we need each other.  TCP will provide spiritual  guidance and support to youth and adults who struggle with realizing that their  lived experience of trauma has purpose. 

You, however, know all about my teaching, my way of life, my purpose, faith, patience, love, endurance

Timothy 3:10
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