Trusty Cup Productions

OUR PURPOSE at TrustyCup Production is to use the Performing Arts as a catalyst to develop leadership skills, principles, and values in and among youth, that will produce positive and productive citizens.


Our stage plays and skits are produced out of a need to effectively express real-life issues. Our hope is to bring awareness of these communities by developing young spokespersons of change. Through the arts and stage production, we speak life over the youth of our generation.

Our Mission

Programs and events will provide a great service for the community as students will learn more about teamwork. The training we offer will challenge students to develop a more sensitive understanding of the variety of viewpoints that are in our culture, sharpen their language and movement skills. This program gives refuge from the street where students can practice their artistic abilities with total expressive freedom. TrustyCup Productions is designed to incorporate college career readiness in the program.