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The CLA helped me to have a broader perspective about the impact I want to have and the measurability of my efforts.


- Buzz McBride

I’ve learned how to better deal with challenging comments

Vision board and leading together has helped me to plan down the road for the future”

- Caylin West 

Everyone has a story if we put them all together and work together, we can accomplish positive change

- Alexandria Willis

The CLA creates a safe space for me to build leadership skills, address racial equity, and the courage to bring about positive change in my community." 


- Kelley Gray

The touchstones have helped me to be more open minded to the opinion of others and listen in silence.

- Keion Mackey

Learning to work with others and to understand that we all don’t think the same however working toward the same goal.

- Jasmine Lopez

Ive learn to communicate better and to share my story without feeling ashamed.  My story it has helped so many people.

-  Demetrius Young 

For the first time in my life I went on a Job interview and because I was leading from within I had confident that I had the Job and did not feel judged

-  Shirkeya Wash

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