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Abstract Background

Community Leadership Academy

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Mission: To spread the power of community love through personal transformation
  • The Community Leadership Academy is sponsored by Proviso Partners for Health.

  • The model is informed by the Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning & Evaluation initiative, convened the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and generously supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

“The Community Leadership Academy helped me to have a broader perspective about the impact I want to have and the measurability of my efforts.”
Buzz McBride
Community Leadership
Goals & Strategy

What are our goals?

  • The Community Leadership Academy  strengthens individual resilience to improve community racial and economic development

  • Why? We have to change the mindset of structural racism to change lives

How are we doing this?

  • The Community Leadership Academy uses the Community of Solutions skills to create equitable pathways for racial justice

  • Peer-led coaching workshops on a range of topics including business development; community program evaluation; race, racism, and inclusion

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"The CLA creates a safe space for me to build
leadership skills, address racial equity, and the
courage to bring about positive change in my
Kelley Gray
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